How your Habits formed & how you become addicted to your irrestible habits.

So here’s why I am going to tell you how your habit’s formed & some bad habits which it becomes quite addictive & irrestible.

When you do something or complete certain number of tasks you feel good & why you feel good it because your brain releases feel good  hormone which is called as “dopamine” morever dopamine is the only hormone which is responsible for your habits which is formed subconsiouly & all your addictions.

How your habits formed through dopamine hormone ?

Suppose there are some packets of chips, soda and fries of on a table which is enough to start to feel crave it’s because the primary goal of food science is to create products that are more attractive to consumers. Nearly every food in your bag, box, or jar has been enhanced in some way, if only with additional flavouring. Companies spend millions to discover the most satisfying level of crunch in a chip or the perfect amount of fizz in a soda.entire department are dedicated to optimizing how a product feels in your mouth– a quality known orosensation. French fries for example are potent combination.

Ultimately such strategies enable food scinetists to find the “bliss point” for each product—the precise combination of salt,sugar and fat that excites your brain(dopamine) and keeps you coming back for more. The result of course is that you overeat because hyperpalatable foods are attractive to the human brain.

How dopamine works

In 1954 when scientists ran an experiment that revealed the neurological process behind cravings and desire. By implanting electrodes in the brain of rats, the researcher blocked the release of dopamine. To the surprise of the scientists, the rats lost all will to live. They wouldn’t eat. They wouldn’t have sex. They didn’t crave anything. Within a few days the rats died of thrist.

When other researcher reversed this process and flooded with dopamine, animals performed habits at breakneck speed. In one study, mice recieved a powerfull hit of dopamine each time they poked their nose in a box. Within minutes, the mice developed cravings so strong they began their nose into the box eight hundred times per hour.

And habita are a dopamine driven. Every habit which are highly habit forming like taking drugs, eating junk food, playing video games , browsing or scrolling social media is associated with higher levels of dopamine.

Why dopamine detox or dopamine fast ?

Dopamine detox is also known as dopamine fast is a method that involves refraining from activities that stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain such as social media, video games & junk food. The idea behind this practice is to give the brain a break from constant stimulation, allowing it to reset & restore it’s natural balance.

By taking a break from these activities & allowing our brain to reset , we can retrain it to function more efficiently & increase our productivity. During a dopamine detox , we can focus on activites that don’t rely on external sources of strimulation , such as exercise , reading or spending time in nature. This can help us become more mindfull & present in the moment , which can lead to improved productivity & focus.

In conclusion if we take break from highly formed habits for some time replace with it some good habits which will lead to better fullfilling life.